Continental Climate

Humid Continental Climate Taken From Köppen Classification System

Location (From Equator)
40° North
Average Temperature
       Summer: 15-27°C                             Winter: -3 to -13 °C     
Annual Climate
   Summer: Hot, Warm & Wet               Winter: Cold & Dry   
Example Places
China, Canada, Spain, Russia
Can I Produce Good Wine?
Yes, but pay attention to the weather forecast

Continental climates are located in large areas, hence, the name 'Continental'. Land in these areas heat and cool a lot quicker than the coast causing seasonal changes in weather. During summer it's characterized as hot and warm with a lot of precipitation. Whereas during winter, temperature drops and nearly no rainfall other than snow. Overall, the larger the continent, the bigger the difference in seasons.

Many quality wines are produced in continental climates, however, wine producers need to pay close attention to weather forecasts in order to time their harvest accurately before the raining season occurs. This is because there could be a sudden seasonal change of spring or fall frost. For example, if there is late spring frost or early-fall frost, this will produce bad vintages because of the sudden change in weather and temperature. Many winemakers deal with this conflict by incorporating rocky soil in their vineyards to absorb and retain heat, reducing temperature range between night and day.

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All information was taken from The Geography of Wine: How Landscapes, Cultures, Terroir, and the Weather Make a Good Drop

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